Up All Hours – My first post!!

Hello! So this is my first online blog post…..the first of many I hope.

I write this as I struggle to keep my eyes open. Its 14.30 on Saturday afternoon, the 29 December 2012. There is no crazy between Christmas and New Year drinking to blame for my lack of get up and go…………….my 18 month old takes all the credit for that!

My other half is having ‘an hour’ on the sofa as I write, and our little one, is running between rooms generally rearranging the furniture and making a mess.

Things are on the up for us believe it or not! Our little boy, at the grand old age of 18 months, now sleeps on average 11 good hours a night. This is a dream I could never have imagined living, the last 18 months of getting very little sleep at night and spending endless hours feeling like I was the only one in the world awake at silly o’clock had very much taken its toll.

As we come out the other end and hope that the worst of the sleepless nights are over (famous last words!) I can’t help but think about how tough it is for parents. It is VERY tough. I don’t think that anyone or anything prepares you for how hard it is, how long the nights can be and how alone you can feel.

That is my inspiration for Up All Hours…………..cause it’s nice to know you’re not alone!


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