Welcome to 2013 & Up All Hours

Up All Hours, a website for parents, will launch this year! Therefore 2013 is a very exciting year for us!!! 

Did you know that in 2012 a record number of births were recorded. That means more parents up doing the night feeds, and long hours up with the little beauties that haven’t quite mastered the art of sleeping through the night yet.

Up All Hours will be there to help!

Some of you reading this will have slightly older children and are no longer suffering from the long sleepless nights. If this is the case, please don’t log off or stop reading  – we would love your input.

If you have been there and done that, then your opinion on what would make it easier for other parents who are going through it right now or about to, is crucial.

Whilst there are a range of fantastic baby website out there, many of which literally saved me during my pregnancy and first baby year, there is no website that focuses on the night time.

This is where Up All Hours comes in………

Please follow the Up All Hours blog and us on Twitter (@upallhours) and Facebook (upallhours)


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