Any chance of some sleep?

Living up to the name, we are awake, hence the impromptu post written on my mobile in the dark.

Awesome! (Not sure if the sarcasm is seeping through there or not?!)

So Baby B is wideo, screaming blue murder if you leave him alone, snot everywhere and there really is no sign of him getting tired. Perhaps the 6 hrs he’s already slept from 7pm till 1am will do him! Great.

Give him credit though he does manage to pause his screaming to still grate me with a rather perky ‘Elo Mumma’ in his best cockney twang when I go into his room to attempt to calm him down.

In all seriousness I find this really hard. Breaks my heart to hear him crying like he is. Just want to scoop him up and cuddle him but me and Adult A ( Baby B’s daddy) made a pact that we would stop bringing him into our bed.

Adult A asked that perhaps we knocked it on the head as the small double bed really wasn’t big enough for the three of us and he was getting a bit bored of using the bed side table as a pillow.

So here we are. I’m in bed typing, Adult A is in Baby B’s room head stroking and we are all awake.

Is it wrong to have a rich tea at this hour?!


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