Do you ever forget just for a second…….that you have a child?!

Please don’t judge – I don’t mean as in do something to put the child in danger. I mean as in you think of something you would like to do, get excited about doing it, then realise that you can’t do it – because you have a child!

This happened to me and Baby B’s Daddy today.

The three of us were driving to the supermarket, and can see a big hill in the distance with loads of people sledging down it.

Daddy says to me – “Hey, that looks fun. We should get the snowboards out and go                                   boarding it would be good practice for you”  (I’m not very good)

Me – “Oh, that’s a good idea. Do you know where all our boarding stuff is?”

Daddy – “Yes, all in the garage, I could have it out in 5 minutes!”

Me – “Ok, lets do it”

Together – “Whooo Hooo”

Baby B who has been sitting quietly in the back of the car clutching his picture of Tree Foo Tom – “Dadda Mumma biscuit”

Both turn around to see Baby B smiling.

For that spilt second we entered into that childless world again. You remember, the world where you sort of did what you wanted, when you wanted (within reason!). Ahhh, well it was nice whilst it lasted, perhaps snowboarding will have to wait until he is at nursery!


A photo from a pre-baby winter holiday! Have since learnt that winter hoildays and babies don’t work at the moment!


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