A humorous quote for the day…….

I am currently reading ‘I, Partridge. We need to talk about Alan’. Always a fan of Alan Partridge I was simply delighted when I stumbled across this book, which is basically the memoirs of Alan. Image

I don’t find as much time for reading as I would like as books are one of my big passions, and when I do start to read, I often find I fall asleep but this book is really cracking me up.

I wanted to share this quote with you as it made me laugh out loud (in the library which is frowned upon I discovered!). Alan is talking about the hospital where he was born……

“NHS car parks were free, too, although those days are now a distant memory. It’s not too bad if you’re just bobbing in to drop off some grapes or beer for a loved one. But for expectant fathers it can be cripplingly expensive, especially if the birth is being slowed down by your wife having an unusually long cervix. (It seems wrong that wealthy dads whose spouses have shorter birth canals and more elastic vaginas should pay less.) The council say they’re trying to encourage people to use public transport but I think that’s horsesh*t”


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