The marvel that is Witch Hazel

This is the first Up All Hours beauty post! Granted talking about Witch Hazel may not be considered current, on-trend beauty talk, but it is still a bold move for me.
There has always been a concern that to offer any sort of beauty opinion one has to be trendy and a bit stunning! I am sadly neither but I like to think that I am practical and realistic about the every day items useful to us busy women and men.
Witch Hazel is one of these items. It’s been around for as long as I can remember and I believe is one of the best blemish sticks out there.
A couple of key factors:
1) It always feels like its just come out of the fridge. How does it keep itself cool?! Brilliant and instantly soothing;
2) You can feel it working. A slight tingling straight away and despite being the colour of the ocean, it is clear on the skin. Really does set to work instantly and is great for attacking redness;
3) You can apply make-up straight after. Though it is worth rubbing it with you fingers as it can get dry in some places;
4) It is amazing value for money – can be picked up in Boots for under £3.00
There you have it. A brief and to the point post. With the lack of sleep that I am currently experiencing, my skin has not been great of late and this little stick is most definitely helping me out.
A make up bag must in my humble opinion!

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