How to dry your nails quick……

Time for the second exciting, albeit very sensible, Up All Hours beauty post.

I have been meaning to talk about my love for this product for some time as it’s one of products that makes my life that little bit easier because it allows me to paint my nails and be back in action fast. Whilst I am dreadful at nail painting, I tend to end up with more nail polish on my hands and face then I do on my nails, I continue to persevere. I think painting your nails is often a quick fix to making you feel a bit more glam!

As most parents will agree, it’s finding the time to sit down to paint your nails that is the problem. It’s not the painting bit necessarily but the waiting for the polish to dry enough that you can pull your trousers up or change a nappy, that I find the problem.

There is nothing more annoying then finishing your nails, admiring your perfectly painted hand, then scraping half the varnish off as you try to build a train track for your little lad who doesn’t understand what on earth you are trying to do!

Until that is, drum roll please,………… I discovered MavaDry by Mavala.


It completely does as it says on the bottle ‘Dries Nail Polish’

So you paint your nails, one or two coats, and on the last coat once done you go back over the nails with the MavaDry and it literally dries it – then and there – in seconds! I have done the trouser test and believe me it works. Plus is gives a great top coat shine.

So there you have it, my beauty tip of the week.


My fav three

Simply a must for busy mums.


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