A child free long haul business trip (Like the old days!)

I am travelling with work this week. Proper travelling, I am talking 8 hours on a plane, without my baby. I cried twice on the plane (not to mention the 4 times before we even left the house this morning). I have Baby B’s soft toy cow with me. The spare of course, i haven’t been so cruel as to steal his comforter for my own comfort this week.

I used to travel a lot before having Baby B so this is nothing new but my god how it changes when you have to leave your Baby behind and spend a week in a different time zone missing kissing his face.

B is with his Nonna for the week as the other half is with me. We met at work and still work together now. Is has it’s perks but it can also be bloody hard work!

So off we went. Bags packed, feeling slightly like the old days but with the a soft cow toy tucked into my laptop case and a Kleenex on the go.

Flight was good. I watched two films. The WHOLE way through! Parents do you remember when you did this without having to pause or abandon all together? I haven’t done this since the famous New York flight of 2010.

After the films I got bored. So I turned to some audio. I flicked through the ‘pop’ music CD options BA had to offer before settling on ‘Now 83’. I acknowledge that is sad enough in itself, but what is more sad however, is that I knew none of the songs on the album. It didn’t help that the songs were displayed without the artist. I didn’t stand a chance. Who knows just the name of songs these days!!!

So I admitted defeat and settled on the Gypsy Kings. Which for the record is in the BA ‘essential albums listings’. Yes that’s right, I am with it!! Listening to Bamboleo, doesn’t make me feel old at all.

I spent the last hour of the flight wondering how on earth you would fit a 21 month old onto this changing table in the toilet

Changing table about the width of my thigh!

Changing table about the width of my thigh!

And wondering whether I was the only 31 year old on the plane listening to Susan Boyle because the Gipsy Kings had finished!

Good old Susan

Good old Susan

Let the work commence and the countdown begin till I see my baby.


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