The Nonna Diaries – Day 1 & 2

Whilst we are both away with work, Nonna has Baby B. When we went away before, she kept a wonderful Facebook diary of their time together. She has begun to do this again and I thought that I would share it with you.

So lets begin, the Nonna and Baby B diaries, day one and two.

Day 1

“Do I count this as day 1 ??? In theory I suppose I should as he has been with me most of the day. So, that being the case I will begin my diary of my week with Baby B. After picking him up and wrestling him away from his crying mother and fairly emotional father we picked up Aunty F and made our way home. I must tell you that our boy was quite unwell last week with the sickness bug. He has recovered thankfully, and the only reason I mention this is because it seems to be his sole aim at the moment to eat as much as he can fit in in a day ! So most of today has been B asking for, let’s face it anything ranging from bananas, Apple’s, biscuits, toast, to consuming his lunch, pudding, followed later by sausages, baked potato with grated cheese and baked beans for dinner ! And, I assume, because of all this ‘fuel’ he has put in to his engine he has been running at full throttle all afternoon! He is turning into quite the comedian and very entertaining and has hopefully worn himself out ! Nursery tomorrow and brief respite for nonna ! Thank you to Aunty F for being here today. Night night all.”

Day 2 

“Had planned to write my journal at the end of each day but just too excited this morning !!! B woke up at 7.10am !!!!! I on the other hand was up, 6am, bright eyed and ready to go !! All quiet. 6.30 still nothing so decided I would come down and put the kettle on, sure that as soon as I had made my cuppa he would wake up (little chance of a hot cup of tea when B is about !). By 7am I’m beginning to panic …….. up I go just to make sure that he is still breathing !!!! Fast asleep and breathing thank God. Blimey ! The little man finally announced he was awake with a ‘nonna ou est tu’, yes he speaks French !!!! Don’t worry friends, am not expecting this every morning but wow wee a good start to our week together no ??? After a breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast and sausage we were dressed and ready for nursery. Sad and tearful drop off (even though I know that no sooner is my back out that door he is fine) it breaks my heart to leave him. Now I look forward to pick up. Hope you all have a lovely day. A demain mes amis (B’s not the only one who speaks a bit of French !!)”


3 thoughts on “The Nonna Diaries – Day 1 & 2

  1. I LOVE this!!! And wow your baby speaks French?!! How cool is that! Your mom needs to keep a blog, too!! Great post! I really do love your writing, by the way!

    • I know check him out, he’s really good with the French!! Credit to his father who is teaching him and learning himself at the same time. He understands more then I do!! My mum has him all week so will update tomorrow :)) x

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