The Nonna Diaries – Day 5

Update, from yesterday. Today is the last full day before we return! B at nursery today then we land at 8am tomorrow! Yippee. Nonna, thank you, you have been amazing.

Day 5

It’s been a lovely day full of traffic lights, police cars, ambulances and even a fire engine ! Not, I should stress, all out at the same time but spotted by the ever alert B !!! We were on the road to see B’s Aunty & cousins. The plan was to give B his lunch at home then set off when he would then sleep all the way. Huh, best laid plans and all that !!! I have mentioned before his love and fascination for the common traffic light. My fault really. In trying to distract him on car journeys I started pointing out traffic lights, you know …… look B green means go, red light means stop etc.

Well that was the start, now he thanks each green light and oh ohs the red ones !!! His excitement when spotting a light is just wonderful, his whole face lights up (lights up ….. get it !!) The only downside of this is on roads with no traffic lights ! He can become quite distraught and I find myself searching desperately for routes with the most traffic lights !!!! Well the route to our destination has lots of traffic lights so consequently B had no time to nap !!! Too many to thank !

B made himself quite at home and was thrilled that his cousin had a helicopter (another one of his passions) even though it was pink !!! It is nice to see family and especially watch the children play together.

Helicopter love

Helicopter love

Predictably, he fell asleep on the journey home. Even the lure of the traffic light could not keep him awake !

Shattered - Not even the traffic lights could keep him awake

Shattered – Not even the traffic lights could keep him awake

So all good here. He now sleeps soundly and peace reigns.


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