No Longer a ‘Youngster’?

Today is my birthday. I am another year older and wiser and just wanted to say a few words to the masses (or the 12 or so people who read my blog everyday. For which I am very grateful by the way! :))

My lovely homemade cake from Waitrose

My lovely homemade cake from Waitrose

I remember when 30 sounded old and 40, well that was truly ancient. Now, 40 is young, 50 distinguished and 60, just fun. When people tell you to enjoy every moment of your children because they grow so fast, I now fully understand. It is definitely wise advice. Though you see them everyday, they change before your eyes in such a way that you don’t always notice. Not only am I growing at a seemingly alarming rate, but so too is my son.

That said, I very happy to say I got ‘ID’d’ last week for a cheeky alcohol purchase in Sainsbury’s. It wasn’t a half hearted ID either, as the cashier made me present my driving licence in front of a busy queue of shoppers! I was thrilled! A bit embarrassed, but ultimately very pleased! Apparently, without any sleep and make up I look under 25. I will happily take that, thank you very much.

So as I sit here on the sofa feeling rather sorry for myself due to lack of sleep, a poorly little lad and definitely less birthday messages then I received last year, I find myself in a mood for contemplation.

Things have changed, I am no longer a ‘youngster’ and here’s how I know that:

– I listen to Magic FM. Whilst driving into London the other weekend for a night out, I switched off both Radio 1 and Capital, preferring the soothing tunes of Magic to gee me up for a night on the town;

– Hangovers last 2 days now and on that note, I really can’t handle going out two nights on the trot!;

– I NEVER go out in high heels without a pair of flats in my handbag. This does of course rule out clutch bags;

– I feel the cold. I swear when you are younger, you don’t feel the cold. I don’t think I even owned a coat at uni and certainly never used to take one with me on a night out. Now I never leave the house without one;

– I have spent my whole birthday cleaning up sick, changing nappies and worrying about my Baby B who spent the whole of last night being sick everywhere;

– I haven’t had a glass of wine yet and it’s almost 5pm!

So as I welcome any comments making me feel better with remarks of how young I actually am, I realise that I actually don’t want to be 20 year old singleton, in heels and skirt in December, or being drunk two days on the bounce, and dancing all night to Garage Anthems. I actually love being a 31 year old mum, in flats, and trackies, drinking herbal tea and dancing all day to I am a shape and Tree Fu Tom!