Taming the frizz – with a drop of Argan Oil

Next in the line of simple beauty posts for busy parents is a hair product – Argan Oil.

For those of you who know me, you will know that I am cursed with an extremely frizzy barnet. I have a small afro, which if left unattended sadly makes me look like I have been dragged through a bush backwards on a high humidity day.

Unfortunately for him, my little lad seems to have inherited my hair! See below

Me     Baby B

Me                                       Baby B

Actually calling that mess of hair above an afro is an insult to people with gorgeous afro’s, so lets just call it ‘the mess’

I am not a great ‘hair styler’, but once I discovered hair straighteners (around the age of 16) I moved from the mess look to the straight hair with multiple spilt ends look. I do keep a look out for products which can assist with just making my hair look a that little bit more healthy than it is and recently discovered Argan Oil.

‘Its been around for ages’ I hear you cry. Yes that is right, but has it always been 99p in Primark?! No!

Argan Oil (Primark)

Argan Oil (Primark)

So I splashed out and I must say I am very happy with the results. For an oil;

  • It is light on the hair, it doesn’t weigh it down or make it sticky;
  • It doesn’t make the hair greasy which I think is quite remarkable;
  • Gives hair a nice shine;
  • Its smells good and lasts
  • And if you buy this particular one, it is portable so can be kept in your handbag, or baby change bag, or indeed man bag.

You need a tiny amount which you can rub into wet or dry hair. I use it regularly now, on both the mess and the straight hair and wouldn’t look back.

Thank you Morocco for sharing your oil with us.

Me as a toddler - hair never stood a chance!

Me as a toddler – hair never stood a chance!


How to dry your nails quick……

Time for the second exciting, albeit very sensible, Up All Hours beauty post.

I have been meaning to talk about my love for this product for some time as it’s one of products that makes my life that little bit easier because it allows me to paint my nails and be back in action fast. Whilst I am dreadful at nail painting, I tend to end up with more nail polish on my hands and face then I do on my nails, I continue to persevere. I think painting your nails is often a quick fix to making you feel a bit more glam!

As most parents will agree, it’s finding the time to sit down to paint your nails that is the problem. It’s not the painting bit necessarily but the waiting for the polish to dry enough that you can pull your trousers up or change a nappy, that I find the problem.

There is nothing more annoying then finishing your nails, admiring your perfectly painted hand, then scraping half the varnish off as you try to build a train track for your little lad who doesn’t understand what on earth you are trying to do!

Until that is, drum roll please,………… I discovered MavaDry by Mavala.


It completely does as it says on the bottle ‘Dries Nail Polish’

So you paint your nails, one or two coats, and on the last coat once done you go back over the nails with the MavaDry and it literally dries it – then and there – in seconds! I have done the trouser test and believe me it works. Plus is gives a great top coat shine.

So there you have it, my beauty tip of the week.


My fav three

Simply a must for busy mums.

The marvel that is Witch Hazel

This is the first Up All Hours beauty post! Granted talking about Witch Hazel may not be considered current, on-trend beauty talk, but it is still a bold move for me.
There has always been a concern that to offer any sort of beauty opinion one has to be trendy and a bit stunning! I am sadly neither but I like to think that I am practical and realistic about the every day items useful to us busy women and men.
Witch Hazel is one of these items. It’s been around for as long as I can remember and I believe is one of the best blemish sticks out there.
A couple of key factors:
1) It always feels like its just come out of the fridge. How does it keep itself cool?! Brilliant and instantly soothing;
2) You can feel it working. A slight tingling straight away and despite being the colour of the ocean, it is clear on the skin. Really does set to work instantly and is great for attacking redness;
3) You can apply make-up straight after. Though it is worth rubbing it with you fingers as it can get dry in some places;
4) It is amazing value for money – can be picked up in Boots for under £3.00
There you have it. A brief and to the point post. With the lack of sleep that I am currently experiencing, my skin has not been great of late and this little stick is most definitely helping me out.
A make up bag must in my humble opinion!