Homeward Bound.

I write this as I sit in the lounge waiting for our flight, its just after 7pm. We got here a bit early (4 hours to be exact!) but you know what’s it is like on a travel day when you don’t really relax because you just want to get home.  This is of course heightened when going home means getting to see our baby boy, who we haven’t seen for 5 whole (long baths and lie in filled) days.

If you are a reader of Up All Hours, you will know that B has been with his Nonna, who has done a sterling job of looking after him. So much so that B has often been too busy to speak to us on Skype over the last 5 days.

So I am sitting here writing and my other half is filming every plane that takes off and lands for our aeroplane obsessed son.

Aeroplane Heaven

Aeroplane Heaven

Travelling without your child is strange. I have spent the last 21 months moaning to my long suffering other half that I miss my freedom and my travel. I used to travel a fair bit with work and loved it. And now that I have jumped back into the saddle as Baby B is a little older, I find myself travelling, but still moaning. This time because I missed him.

The grass just isn’t greener! Travelling sadly, just not the same anymore. Damn, you Baby B – can’t travel with you and can’t travel without you!

There were a few perks to the last 5 days however. Mainly food related if I am honest. My greed often gets the better of me and although I have been promising my other half for the last 21 months that I will lose that last post pregnancy stone, the large portions and frankly ridiculous combos were too much to resist. (Pictures to follow!)

I woke up at 8am one morning which I haven’t done for well, 21 months and even indulged myself with a 20 minute soak in the tub but all the while, missing my little man and watching and re-watching videos of him that Nonna had been sending us.

So I sit here necking red wine to wash down my sleeping pill (don’t worry its not a proper one, nothing Valium related, not through lack of trying to get some) because we land at 8am and I walk straight back into mumma mode and have to try to survive a whole jet lagged day.

Honestly though, I can’t bloody wait.


The Nonna Diaries – Day 5

Update, from yesterday. Today is the last full day before we return! B at nursery today then we land at 8am tomorrow! Yippee. Nonna, thank you, you have been amazing.

Day 5

It’s been a lovely day full of traffic lights, police cars, ambulances and even a fire engine ! Not, I should stress, all out at the same time but spotted by the ever alert B !!! We were on the road to see B’s Aunty & cousins. The plan was to give B his lunch at home then set off when he would then sleep all the way. Huh, best laid plans and all that !!! I have mentioned before his love and fascination for the common traffic light. My fault really. In trying to distract him on car journeys I started pointing out traffic lights, you know …… look B green means go, red light means stop etc.

Well that was the start, now he thanks each green light and oh ohs the red ones !!! His excitement when spotting a light is just wonderful, his whole face lights up (lights up ….. get it !!) The only downside of this is on roads with no traffic lights ! He can become quite distraught and I find myself searching desperately for routes with the most traffic lights !!!! Well the route to our destination has lots of traffic lights so consequently B had no time to nap !!! Too many to thank !

B made himself quite at home and was thrilled that his cousin had a helicopter (another one of his passions) even though it was pink !!! It is nice to see family and especially watch the children play together.

Helicopter love

Helicopter love

Predictably, he fell asleep on the journey home. Even the lure of the traffic light could not keep him awake !

Shattered - Not even the traffic lights could keep him awake

Shattered – Not even the traffic lights could keep him awake

So all good here. He now sleeps soundly and peace reigns.

Leaving on a jet plane……..(actually we are taking the train)

I’ve been writing this post in my head for the last couple of weeks. I can’t quite put my finger on why I haven’t actually put it into the blog until now, whether it’s because I feel guilty or because I’m worried about being judged. I hope that I’m doing what I always do – over analysing the whole situation and worrying about nothing.

I am a great worrier.

On Sunday, the other half and I are leaving Baby B with his Nonna – for a whole week. 7 whole nights.
This is MASSIVE.

Prior to parenthood a week was a week. They flew by, a week-long holiday frankly wasn’t long enough, but when you are a parent considering a week’s holiday without the children, suddenly a week seems too long. (I appreciate this might not be the same for everyone!)

Just to put you in the picture, a group of lovely people, including us, go on a winter holiday and have done for the last couple of years. Its amazing, great food, company and just all round gorgeous. Last year we took Baby B but it made it a very different holiday, he can’t enjoy the snow properly yet and did mean that we were still up at the crack of dawn. Therefore in agreement with the other parents going, we have all agreed to leave the children at home this year.

I am going through extreme emotions. One minute I am soo excited about a weeks uninterrupted sleep, lie ins, wine, restaurants with adults, freedom, relaxation, time to read a book, no poo to clean up and adult conversations – that I could cry with joy. The next minute the thought that I won’t be able to see, no matter kiss Baby B, for a week sends me into a very dramatic panic that he will simply forget who I am or at least never forgive me for abandoning him.

The thing is I know we are lucky. Lucky that his Nonna, is firstly willing to look after him for a week and secondly, that he loves being with her and visa versa.

Before we had Baby B, we travelled a lot and were always pretty spontaneous in our actions. This has been one of the things that I’ve struggled with since becoming a mum – not being able to just go somewhere at the drop of a hat. A trip to Sainsbury’s takes planning these days.
So there it is out – off my chest. I’m leaving him, for a week. The trip will be good for our souls, is really important time for us as a couple, I will get loads of work done and we will come back even better parents than when we left.

Would love to hear people’s thoughts on this. Have you left your little one before? They don’t forget you do they!!!

PS –  We have checked the trains and if we can’t cope we will be returning mid-week on an early train with fellow skier Mel, who is also near to having a breakdown about leaving her two.