Up All Hours has moved

Dear all, 

Thank you for visiting Up All Hours. In a bold move, Up All Hours has gone self hosted. Whilst I am still trying to understand what this means, here is the new address – 


Please do continue to read and follow. 

Thanks all. Lots of love. xxx


Creepy Micky Mouse Balloon

Keeps following me round the room! All by itself. Just floated in from the play room!!!


Seems to have taken a place at the table where I am working….time for the bin I think!

Just thought I would share that! xx

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A day in the life of the boys

For the last couple of months my lovely other half has been a stay at home Dad, whilst I have gone to work to earn a crust and keep him in the lifestyle that he has become accustomed to. 🙂

To be honest he has a good gig – Baby B goes to nursery 3 days a week!

Whilst I love working and I am lucky enough to work for our own business, I do miss spending time with the boys. Always seems that they have more fun without me!

Today I left the house at 8am, having dressed Baby B and packed his bag for nursery.

The next time I heard from the two boys was at 12.04 when I received the following picture on What’s App –


Feet up (and yes those are my slippers)

Apparently, 21 month old Baby B didn’t fancy nursery today.

I thought that I would come home early to surprise the boys at 1pm. I walked into the house and to be honest it crossed my mind that we may have been burgled. There was stuff everywhere. However, it soon became clear that the quite impressive mess was a result of a hard mornings playing and this was what happened after lunch….


Sleeping Beauties – One downstairs and one upstairs

Alright for some eh – Nice work if you can get it! 🙂

At home with Dada

Quick video to raise a smile.

Wonderful time lapse video made by a lovely Dad looking after his son whilst Mum is at work. Video made to show Mum just exactly what the boys get up too whilst she is away – very sweet!

My other half is great at ‘Daddy Day Care’ (as we call it)…….just not so great on the tidying up after!!!