A child free long haul business trip (Like the old days!)

I am travelling with work this week. Proper travelling, I am talking 8 hours on a plane, without my baby. I cried twice on the plane (not to mention the 4 times before we even left the house this morning). I have Baby B’s soft toy cow with me. The spare of course, i haven’t been so cruel as to steal his comforter for my own comfort this week.

I used to travel a lot before having Baby B so this is nothing new but my god how it changes when you have to leave your Baby behind and spend a week in a different time zone missing kissing his face.

B is with his Nonna for the week as the other half is with me. We met at work and still work together now. Is has it’s perks but it can also be bloody hard work!

So off we went. Bags packed, feeling slightly like the old days but with the a soft cow toy tucked into my laptop case and a Kleenex on the go.

Flight was good. I watched two films. The WHOLE way through! Parents do you remember when you did this without having to pause or abandon all together? I haven’t done this since the famous New York flight of 2010.

After the films I got bored. So I turned to some audio. I flicked through the ‘pop’ music CD options BA had to offer before settling on ‘Now 83’. I acknowledge that is sad enough in itself, but what is more sad however, is that I knew none of the songs on the album. It didn’t help that the songs were displayed without the artist. I didn’t stand a chance. Who knows just the name of songs these days!!!

So I admitted defeat and settled on the Gypsy Kings. Which for the record is in the BA ‘essential albums listings’. Yes that’s right, I am with it!! Listening to Bamboleo, doesn’t make me feel old at all.

I spent the last hour of the flight wondering how on earth you would fit a 21 month old onto this changing table in the toilet

Changing table about the width of my thigh!

Changing table about the width of my thigh!

And wondering whether I was the only 31 year old on the plane listening to Susan Boyle because the Gipsy Kings had finished!

Good old Susan

Good old Susan

Let the work commence and the countdown begin till I see my baby.


Are we entering the terrible twos?

Ummm, so my toddler has turned into a teenager literally overnight. The irony is if you read my last post ‘A successful Easter Sunday‘ written only last Monday, I praise my little man for a tantrum free day. That now seems a distant sweet memory.

Everything now is ‘no’, complete with frown and vigorous head shake.

Me – “Can I have a kiss?”   Baby B – ‘No

Me – “Come and get dressedBaby B – ‘No‘ as he runs off in the other direction

Me – “It’s bath time”  Baby B –  ‘No‘  as he arches back when I go to pick him up so I nearly drop him

Me – “Time to get out, bath time’s over. Say goodnight to the shower”  Baby B – ‘No‘ and does back arch again which is even more hazardous when wet

Me – “Do you want to watch Tree Foo Tom”  Baby B – ‘No’  as I think, shit we’re in trouble, that was one of his favourite programs!

Anyway, you get the drift.

I’m guessing the ‘terrible twos’ don’t literally start as the clock strikes 12 on his second birthday, so is this what this is?!

The only question that I don’t get a ‘No‘ to is ‘Do you want something to eat?’. The boy is eating like it is going out of fashion. In fact, it is role reversal and after he has had his fourth breakfast of the morning this is how it goes;

Baby B – “Toast”  Me – “No, you have had a slice

Baby B – “Egg”  Me – “No, you have had one. Remember you had it after your toast

Baby B – “BanannnnaMe – “No, you had a whole one 6am!”

Baby B – “Apple”  Me – “No, you can have one later

Baby B – “Coookie”  Me – “No, its only 6.30am. Ok fine, you can have an apple“.

Are the terrible two’s often accompanied by extreme hungry by any chance?! How do you combat the constant ‘No’s’ and most importantly, how long will this last people?!

A successful Easter Sunday

The mood that Baby B is in can truly make or break a day. Yesterday we went round to friends in Windsor for Easter lunch hoping that Baby B would be on good form. He has been ill all week with a bug but seemed to have finally made a recovery.

It was a lovely informal affair but in a beautifully formal house with endless glass ornaments which had ‘smash’ written all over them. Further, the very talented Max was making three delicious courses which as wonderful as that is for me and my irrepressible greed, it is not wonderful for Baby B, who tends to get restless after 20 minutes in a highchair.

Anyway, I write this post because all my fears and worries were unfounded as Baby B was on amazing form. Everything went our way yesterday and we had an awesome afternoon. The house was under a main flight path from Heathrow and for a little boy who is literally obsessed with aeroplanes, one plane passing over head every minute, more then kept him busy.


They also have a cat, Baby B has never actually come face to face with a cat before. He was amazingly gentle and respectful to the cat and the Alfie the cat and him spent some quality time together watching the planes go by.


Baby B was granted the key role of serving the delicious spaghetti dish that Max had prepared and enjoyed trying some himself at the table. He deemed it ‘de-lious’ – a big compliment to any chef! Nice one Max!


Baby B danced on demand, treated the audience to some beautiful, albeit slightly unique, renditions of ‘Old MacDonald’, ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’, ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ and ‘ABC’ before mopping their kitchen floor and rearranging the kitchen cupboard. All of this without one tantrum! Result!

We left just in the nick of time as the eye rubbing started and the he feel asleep in the car on the way home. So proud of my little man. If only all days were like this!

Thanks for having us over you lovely people – you know you are 🙂 xxx

No Longer a ‘Youngster’?

Today is my birthday. I am another year older and wiser and just wanted to say a few words to the masses (or the 12 or so people who read my blog everyday. For which I am very grateful by the way! :))

My lovely homemade cake from Waitrose

My lovely homemade cake from Waitrose

I remember when 30 sounded old and 40, well that was truly ancient. Now, 40 is young, 50 distinguished and 60, just fun. When people tell you to enjoy every moment of your children because they grow so fast, I now fully understand. It is definitely wise advice. Though you see them everyday, they change before your eyes in such a way that you don’t always notice. Not only am I growing at a seemingly alarming rate, but so too is my son.

That said, I very happy to say I got ‘ID’d’ last week for a cheeky alcohol purchase in Sainsbury’s. It wasn’t a half hearted ID either, as the cashier made me present my driving licence in front of a busy queue of shoppers! I was thrilled! A bit embarrassed, but ultimately very pleased! Apparently, without any sleep and make up I look under 25. I will happily take that, thank you very much.

So as I sit here on the sofa feeling rather sorry for myself due to lack of sleep, a poorly little lad and definitely less birthday messages then I received last year, I find myself in a mood for contemplation.

Things have changed, I am no longer a ‘youngster’ and here’s how I know that:

– I listen to Magic FM. Whilst driving into London the other weekend for a night out, I switched off both Radio 1 and Capital, preferring the soothing tunes of Magic to gee me up for a night on the town;

– Hangovers last 2 days now and on that note, I really can’t handle going out two nights on the trot!;

– I NEVER go out in high heels without a pair of flats in my handbag. This does of course rule out clutch bags;

– I feel the cold. I swear when you are younger, you don’t feel the cold. I don’t think I even owned a coat at uni and certainly never used to take one with me on a night out. Now I never leave the house without one;

– I have spent my whole birthday cleaning up sick, changing nappies and worrying about my Baby B who spent the whole of last night being sick everywhere;

– I haven’t had a glass of wine yet and it’s almost 5pm!

So as I welcome any comments making me feel better with remarks of how young I actually am, I realise that I actually don’t want to be 20 year old singleton, in heels and skirt in December, or being drunk two days on the bounce, and dancing all night to Garage Anthems. I actually love being a 31 year old mum, in flats, and trackies, drinking herbal tea and dancing all day to I am a shape and Tree Fu Tom!

Taming the frizz – with a drop of Argan Oil

Next in the line of simple beauty posts for busy parents is a hair product – Argan Oil.

For those of you who know me, you will know that I am cursed with an extremely frizzy barnet. I have a small afro, which if left unattended sadly makes me look like I have been dragged through a bush backwards on a high humidity day.

Unfortunately for him, my little lad seems to have inherited my hair! See below

Me     Baby B

Me                                       Baby B

Actually calling that mess of hair above an afro is an insult to people with gorgeous afro’s, so lets just call it ‘the mess’

I am not a great ‘hair styler’, but once I discovered hair straighteners (around the age of 16) I moved from the mess look to the straight hair with multiple spilt ends look. I do keep a look out for products which can assist with just making my hair look a that little bit more healthy than it is and recently discovered Argan Oil.

‘Its been around for ages’ I hear you cry. Yes that is right, but has it always been 99p in Primark?! No!

Argan Oil (Primark)

Argan Oil (Primark)

So I splashed out and I must say I am very happy with the results. For an oil;

  • It is light on the hair, it doesn’t weigh it down or make it sticky;
  • It doesn’t make the hair greasy which I think is quite remarkable;
  • Gives hair a nice shine;
  • Its smells good and lasts
  • And if you buy this particular one, it is portable so can be kept in your handbag, or baby change bag, or indeed man bag.

You need a tiny amount which you can rub into wet or dry hair. I use it regularly now, on both the mess and the straight hair and wouldn’t look back.

Thank you Morocco for sharing your oil with us.

Me as a toddler - hair never stood a chance!

Me as a toddler – hair never stood a chance!