The Nonna Diaries – The Final Countdown

And so, as we begin our journey home. Nonna reflects on her busy week in charge of Baby B. Love them both! Thank you Nonna.

Day 6

My last day, mummy and daddy back tomorrow.

Whilst part of me is thinking ……. rest, the bigger part is sad. I will miss him. Miss his voice, his calling out “Nonna where are you” even though he can clearly see me !!! Miss his beautiful smiling face beaming at me first thing in the morning. For heaven’s sake he is only going home, not moving to Australia !!!! As you can tell I am feeling quite emotional !

Even our occasional arguments, mostly over the use of his favourite word of the moment …… NO, will be missed ! I must admit to really struggling to keep a straight face and not laugh. He gets a frown going, stares at me and very seriously says NO !! Bath B ? NO. let’s get dressed ? NO ! Come put your shoes no. NO !! You get the picture !!

Watching a child grow and develop is a fascination. Seeing in that child characteristics of both parents coming through so interesting. The love of eating from his mother. His father’s outgoing, entertaining manners. Apart from an obvious temper and stubborn streak, apparent when he is trying to do something that doesn’t happen fast enough for his liking, he is a delight. His good nature and sweetness obvious. Am I sounding biased and proud ??? I hope I do because I am.

I know his parents appreciate my involvement but I value the trust they have in my capabilities by leaving their most treasured son in my care.