Homeward Bound.

I write this as I sit in the lounge waiting for our flight, its just after 7pm. We got here a bit early (4 hours to be exact!) but you know what’s it is like on a travel day when you don’t really relax because you just want to get home.  This is of course heightened when going home means getting to see our baby boy, who we haven’t seen for 5 whole (long baths and lie in filled) days.

If you are a reader of Up All Hours, you will know that B has been with his Nonna, who has done a sterling job of looking after him. So much so that B has often been too busy to speak to us on Skype over the last 5 days.

So I am sitting here writing and my other half is filming every plane that takes off and lands for our aeroplane obsessed son.

Aeroplane Heaven

Aeroplane Heaven

Travelling without your child is strange. I have spent the last 21 months moaning to my long suffering other half that I miss my freedom and my travel. I used to travel a fair bit with work and loved it. And now that I have jumped back into the saddle as Baby B is a little older, I find myself travelling, but still moaning. This time because I missed him.

The grass just isn’t greener! Travelling sadly, just not the same anymore. Damn, you Baby B – can’t travel with you and can’t travel without you!

There were a few perks to the last 5 days however. Mainly food related if I am honest. My greed often gets the better of me and although I have been promising my other half for the last 21 months that I will lose that last post pregnancy stone, the large portions and frankly ridiculous combos were too much to resist. (Pictures to follow!)

I woke up at 8am one morning which I haven’t done for well, 21 months and even indulged myself with a 20 minute soak in the tub but all the while, missing my little man and watching and re-watching videos of him that Nonna had been sending us.

So I sit here necking red wine to wash down my sleeping pill (don’t worry its not a proper one, nothing Valium related, not through lack of trying to get some) because we land at 8am and I walk straight back into mumma mode and have to try to survive a whole jet lagged day.

Honestly though, I can’t bloody wait.