The Nonna Diaries – Days 3 &4

Here it is, the next and rather controversial, instalment of the Nonna Diaries.

This Nonna doesn’t hold back!

Day 3

No school today so entertaining my boy, and making sure the day is not too long for either of us, is top priority. So pleased with myself when on my last trip to Guildford I found a free Kids Club. And even more excited to discover that there were events planned for the two days B does not have school. Today was to have been Balloon modelling. Great, we would aim for the early session. Must admit to getting into town slightly earlier than I needed to, but did have a few things to do before the 11 o’clock kick off. But 10 a tad too early, my errands having been completed by 10.15 !!!

Still never mind. 15mins on carousel, 10 minutes buying Noisey Fire Engine book, which by the way is a faithful title. The sound of the fire engine going full blast through the shopping centre (giving the odd elderly shopper a slight ‘turn’) really made me wonder why on earth I bought the bloody thing ! He then spotted small soft play area near the Club so because there was still time to kill I relented. Off came the coat, hat, scarf and shoes and B launched himself into play mode. He was mostly good but really did not like other children around playing in what he classed as his space ! But he did allow them in and all was good.

By 11.15, this club place was still not showing any signs of opening and by then both B and I were ready to go home ! Great excitement on the drive back, not just the traffic lights for which he has an obsession, but the two fire engines that were side by side with us, and to top things off an ambulance siren blaring ! What more could a little boy want. I am having my ‘happy hour’ now and trying to decide what to do this afternoon !

Day 4

To carry on from yesterday, after B woke up from afternoon nap it quickly became apparent that I would not be able to contain him until dinner/bed. So drawing on whatever inner strength I have we went off to ‘soft play’. Believe me it took all I had not to turn into an avenging vigilante !! What a horrible place. Full of hyper children running at great speed not looking where they were going which meant that the younger ones (my boy being one of many) where left lying in their wake looking like the victims of some massacre ! Worst still were the mothers. Some on their phones, others chatting away, some even on computers and not one watching their own children who were running wild ! Whilst yes I agree the little ones need to ‘learn’ to look after themselves I find myself asking what has happened to parenting ??? Having said all of the above I will probably be back there tomorrow but issue this warning ….. the gloves are off !!!

My boy did not want to go to school today. All the way there he was pleading “no school nonna, no school ” felt so guilty leaving him. But no worries, have phoned and been reassured that he is having a wonderful day. Crocodile tears master B !!!

He is a delight and even though yes it’s hard work I love every minute of it !