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A question that I still don’t know the answer to…’Should we cuddle babies or leave them to cry?’

I found this article in The Independent very interesting. This remains a question that I don’t know the answer to. My little one at 20 months still cries himself to sleep some nights and more often then not, will wake up crying in the night. I have read book after book and weighed up the endless advice streams in my own mind and still I don’t know what’s best.

What I do know however, is when my little man starts to cry, I find it VERY hard NOT to tend to him.

It could be argued then, that the reason he wakes up crying in the night is because he won’t go back to sleep until I have run in to stroke his head. And the reason he wakes up so early in the morning and is not good at settling himself back to sleep is because I am not there in the room with him.

When his early mornings were getting silly, i’m talking 4.30am, my other half took control and told me that we should leave him. He wasn’t ill or in pain, and the crying wouldn’t hurt him. We did this and at 4.30 my other half had a screaming baby in one room and a sobbing girlfriend in his room. Needless to say, none of us went back to sleep! But, after a couple of very distressing mornings he did get better.

Over time I have got better at not rushing to our little man’s side. I put him to bed awake but tired and he never really cries for more then five minutes. Sometime, he doesn’t cry at all!

No amount of words will change how a parent feels and I feel that it has to be down to the individuals as to how they deal with their baby. We may not agree with other peoples methods but we have to respect them.


The marvel that is Witch Hazel

This is the first Up All Hours beauty post! Granted talking about Witch Hazel may not be considered current, on-trend beauty talk, but it is still a bold move for me.
There has always been a concern that to offer any sort of beauty opinion one has to be trendy and a bit stunning! I am sadly neither but I like to think that I am practical and realistic about the every day items useful to us busy women and men.
Witch Hazel is one of these items. It’s been around for as long as I can remember and I believe is one of the best blemish sticks out there.
A couple of key factors:
1) It always feels like its just come out of the fridge. How does it keep itself cool?! Brilliant and instantly soothing;
2) You can feel it working. A slight tingling straight away and despite being the colour of the ocean, it is clear on the skin. Really does set to work instantly and is great for attacking redness;
3) You can apply make-up straight after. Though it is worth rubbing it with you fingers as it can get dry in some places;
4) It is amazing value for money – can be picked up in Boots for under £3.00
There you have it. A brief and to the point post. With the lack of sleep that I am currently experiencing, my skin has not been great of late and this little stick is most definitely helping me out.
A make up bag must in my humble opinion!

Up All Hours – My first post!!

Hello! So this is my first online blog post…..the first of many I hope.

I write this as I struggle to keep my eyes open. Its 14.30 on Saturday afternoon, the 29 December 2012. There is no crazy between Christmas and New Year drinking to blame for my lack of get up and go…………….my 18 month old takes all the credit for that!

My other half is having ‘an hour’ on the sofa as I write, and our little one, is running between rooms generally rearranging the furniture and making a mess.

Things are on the up for us believe it or not! Our little boy, at the grand old age of 18 months, now sleeps on average 11 good hours a night. This is a dream I could never have imagined living, the last 18 months of getting very little sleep at night and spending endless hours feeling like I was the only one in the world awake at silly o’clock had very much taken its toll.

As we come out the other end and hope that the worst of the sleepless nights are over (famous last words!) I can’t help but think about how tough it is for parents. It is VERY tough. I don’t think that anyone or anything prepares you for how hard it is, how long the nights can be and how alone you can feel.

That is my inspiration for Up All Hours…………..cause it’s nice to know you’re not alone!